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Major Products

To order, or to learn more about our Major Products, please contact our Sales Department at 1-800-821-5091 or email us at sales@jashomer.com.

BALLUFF: Inductive Sensors, Photoelectric, Capacitive, Magnet Field, Mechanical Sensors, Micropulse Transducers, Industrial RFID, Cylinder Valve Sensors

BALDOR: AC Motors, AC Drives, DC Motors/Drives, Gear Products, Linear Motion, Grinders/Buffers

ENCODER: Rotary Incremental and Absolute Encoders used for Motion Feedback, Tension Control Display, Tension Values, Tension Controls, Tension Readouts, Load Cells, Brakes and Clutches

RED LION: Control Devices, Human Machine Interface, Process Measurement and Control, Digital Measurement and Control, Digital and Fieldbus Communications, Control Systems, Digital Panel Meters, CUB Indicators, PAX Process Meters, PID Controllers, Signal Conditioners, and Data-Acquisition Devices, Counters, Rate Indicators, Timers, Miniature Displays, Panel Meters, Sensors, Large Displays, Power Monitors

SENSOPART:  Ultrasonic Sensors, Magnetic Cylinder Sensors, Reflective Sensors, Conveyor Sensors, Contrast Sensors, Color Sensors, Luminescence Sensors, Fork Slot Sensors, Automation Light Grid, Distance Measurement, Data Transmission, Machine Vision, Position

YASKAWA: Adjustable Frequency Drives and Inverters control the speed of AC Induction Motors, Brushless AC Servos, Digital Amplifiers, Linear Motors, Direct Drive Motors, Servo Gearmotors, Spindle Drives and Motors

BARDAC: AC Drives, DC Drives, High Performance Closed Loop Vector, Open Loop Vector, Constant Torque and Variable Torque Drives in Compact Open Chassis or NEMA 12 Construction. With Communications Options including Drive, Web, Ethernet, Modbus, DeviceNet and Profibus-DP.

CMC: Motion Control and Automation components such as Servo Motors, Actuators, DC Drives, Controllers, Load Cells, and Soft Pics.

In addition, our engineering group designs and builds completely integrated systems.

DODGE: Mounted Bearings, Take-up Frames, Screw Conveyor Drive Reducers, Torque-Arm, Quantis, Maxum, Tigear, APG, Master XL, Ultima, Reeves, CST, Cyclone Reducers, Hi-Line Reducers, Parallel Gearmotors, C-Face Reducers, Mechanical Variable Speed Drives, Adjustable Speed Pulleys, Planetary Gear Reducers, Speed Reduction, Motorized Shaft Mount Reducer, Right Angle Helical-Bevel Reducers, Combination Worm-Helical Reducers, Sheaves, Pulleys, Couplings, Clutches and Brakes, Flexidyne, Torque Tamer, TL Bushings, QD Bushings, Weld-On Hubs, V-Drives, FHP Belt Drives, Synchronous Sprockets, Belts, Conveyor Components, Reliance Motors

NB: Linear Motion, Slide Guide, Topball, TWA Block, TWJ Adjustable. TWD Open, End Shaft Support, Shaft Rail Assembly, Slide Unit, Bearing Block

MARTIN: Material Handling, Sprockets, Pulleys, QD Bushings, Taper Lock Bushings, Elevator Buckets, Couplings, Sheaves

SPRECHER + SCHUH: Open and Reversing Contactors, Motor Protection, Starters & Enclosed Products, Softstart Intelligent Controllers, Solid State Relays, Motor Circuit Controllers, Control & Timing Relays, Pilot Devices, Warning Tower Lights, Rotary Cam Switches, Disconnect Switches, Circuit Protection, Terminals, DIN Rail, DIN Mounted Controls, CA7, Kwikstarter, SR7 Panel Mount Relays, SR7-A Contactors, SR7-SA Plug-in Relay, KT7 Motor Circuit Controllers, KT4 Manual Motor Staers, D5 Pilot Devices, D7 Pilot Devices, L7 Disconnect Switches
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